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The Costa Rican Backgammon Association is pleased to present the OFFICIAL RESULTS for the Fifth Backgammon Tournament of the Américas, held in San José, Costa Rica, August 13-17, 1997, at the luxurious Meliá Cariari Conference Center & Golf Resort & Casino.


Open Division

Intermediate Division

Novice Division

Melia Cariari Masters

  1. 1-Malcolm Davis (US)
  2. 2- Stuart Hosen (US)

Melia Cariari Limited

  1. 1-Mike Fujita (US)
  2. 2- Diane Haley (US)

Lacsa Doubles

  1. 1-Antonio Ortega/Jorge Tsao (US)
  2. 2- Ray Fogerlund/Peter Kalba (US)

Heineken Blitz

  1. 1- Lee Genud (US)
  2. 2- Jorge Tsao (CR)



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