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Again, sorry for all the delays in updating, the webmaster's internet connection (phone lines, modem, etc.) was destroyed by lightning and it took over a month to get everything back in order. The following problem is taken from the finals match of Herradura Masters, played between Mike Senkiewicz (WHITE) and Mike Svobodny (BLACK) during the Third Backgammon Tournament of the Américas. Click on the board to get the solution. A New problem will be posted December 1, 1997

15-point match. White leads Black 11 to 8. White on roll. Cube action?


The CRBA meets for tournaments or chouettes Wednesdays at 6:00 p.m. at Le Monastere Restaurant in Escazú. If you plan to be in Costa Rica and would like to join us for some backgammon, please contact us at the telephones/fax below, or send us e-mail using the link at the bottom:

            Max Esquivel (506) 224-7938 or 283-8118, Fax (506) 234-8003
          Antonio Ortega (506) 253-0880 (Tel/Fax)
          PO Box 11493-1000
          San José, Costa Rica

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